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Here are some of the questions our clients frequently ask us.

What makes Forward PR's approach different?

We are more a consulting company built around a team of experienced consultants than a classic PR agency with a few senior managers and a junior team. Our clients appreciate this difference. Sometimes they’re initially surprised by our wide range of consulting services and the roles we play in their organizations but then quickly begin to treat our approach as natural. The results? We’ve lost a total two clients since 2012 – and one of them returned to us after a short break, making 2021 the eighth year of our cooperation.

Why do your services cost more?

They don’t – we simply offer more. Our clients confirm we offer services they can’t find in most other PR agencies and the companies we actually compete with are… more expensive. Forward PR is a carefully designed business concept responding to the needs of a mature market, tired of consultant rotation, substandard services, low commitment, failure to meet deadlines, and unfulfilled promises. We employ brilliant, experienced consultants and rely on the expertise of top-tier external experts. It works, otherwise we wouldn’t be growing.

Are there services I can't buy from

Some services are outside our scope and expertise. We are always willing to refer customers to people who will do it better than we can – or to recruit subcontractors in order to achieve the results expected by the customer and compliant with our standards. We also believe increasing sales is not the sole purpose of PR. If you otherwise, you probably won’t benefit from our support and we probably won’t meet your expectations.

Are you lobbyists?

Our clients regularly commission us to support their contacts with authorities and regulatory bodies at all levels. We have also carried out projects for the government administration ourselves. However, we are not lobbyists. We do though work on projects in which we support lobbyists. They appreciate our rare ability to draw the client’s attention to the fact that their activities should be viewed primarily from the perspective of the affected stakeholders.

Would you support any socially challenging construction project?

Absolutely not. We don’t take up jobs raising our ethical doubts, for example. We discuss it openly with our prospective clients.

Do you only deal with infrastructure?

Infrastructure projects have been the core part of our portfolio from the beginning. It’s a niche that requires diverse skills, lots of resilience, a certain maturity – we always understood that and hence our strong position in that area. But also present since the very beginning were the clients from different sectors. The bottomline is, we offer all of our clients the same openness, commitment, knowledge, and reliability.