There’s PR in our name but we’ve always offered a much broader scope of services. The bottomline is always understanding our clients’ needs and strategies.


Public relations

We create and implement communication strategies for companies and organizations from various industries.

We offer consulting that goes beyond core PR services, based on our knowledge, experience, and close cooperation with a diverse group of experts.


Public consultations

We plan, prepare, and carry out public consultations that are part of large infrastructure projects. We help organizations start a meaningful conversation with their stakeholders. We facilitate the resolution of conflicts between investors and local communities.


Media relations

On behalf of our clients we build relationships with journalists rooted in quality of content and respect for deadlines. We spark media interest through in-depth research, thoughtful selection of topics, finding supporting contexts, organizing relevant interviews and press events.

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We help to construct robust argumentation that’s able to persuade or encourage the right decision makers.


Social media

We help to clearly and attractively communicate the messages relevant to our clients and their stakeholders. We carefully identify key target groups and reach them with tailored messages. We know what PPC and paid reach is but our focus is primarily on the quality of content.


Public affairs

We support our clients in the regulatory and administrative environment – from the local to the national level. We help to construct robust argumentation that’s able to persuade or encourage the right decision makers.


Crisis communication

We know how, when, and what to say – and what not to say – when the reputation of an organization is at stake. We react to unfolding crises 24/7 but we also strengthen our clients’ resilience to future threats. We provide an outside perspective, enabling informed and effective decisionmaking under pressure.


Workshops and trainings

We moderate strategy sessions and prep our clients for media appearances and public speeches. We’re experienced coaches with hundreds of hours spent on trainings and workshops.


Publishing, copywriting, designing, filming

We create content, design layouts, and produce video. We’ve done books, brochures, maps, infographics, animations, video explainers, documentaries, and interviews.


CX/UX analysis

We know how to create user-friendly content and processes. We analyze our clients’ communication, significantly increasing its effectiveness.

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